Web Marketing

Web Marketing

We believe that our added value is the rigor and method by which we develop our services. Meanwhile, if you were wondering what digital marketing actually is, I suggest you read our article.

Having established the theory, let us go on to understand which method we are talking about. It always starts with a meticulous analysis of the business and continues with data-driven optimization of your campaign (we test the campaign and target the choices that are found to be best, based on consulting the data), so that you can efficiently manage both your time and your investment.

In fact, our middle name is automation: we create e-mail marketing automation campaigns, through very effective and technical software such as Mautic, and the use of Google Tag Manager. With this level of preparation and experience, we are able to promote any kind of activity as long as a goal is made clear.

You will have a point person who will work on an integrated strategy, manage campaigns and prepare your periodic reports to monitor performance.

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