The best coworking spaces in Ticino

By now, several studies and successful companies report how working in a coworking environment increases productivity and creativity, facilitating sharing and openness to an innovative mindset. This explains how many successful startups were born precisely because of this kind of ecosystem.

Ticino is positioning itself as the innovation capital, increasing the need for coworking spaces that can adapt to new work needs.

That’s why in the next few paragraphs we will show you our careful selection, hoping it will help you in the arduous decision to find the coworking solution that suits you best.

In this article we will introduce three coworking environments in Ticino:

Whether you are looking for a quiet space where you can write the final pages of your book, or you are looking for a place to welcome some investors for your project, or you are simply looking for a space where you can do smart work in Ticino, this article is for you.

The Hub Manno

Definitely one of the best on the list, The Hub Manno offers everything one should expect from an innovative coworking space, so much so that it breathes an almost international atmosphere. At 600 square meters, it offers a large open space, shared offices and event space.

You can take advantage of its three packages to meet every need..:

  • Open space,
  • private office
  • meeting room

The coastline

The shoreline is an initiative ofUSI (Universit√† della Svizzera Italiana), in the heart of Lugano’s Maghetti neighborhood.

This reality covers the needs of those who have innovative projects and want to compare themselves not only with other companies but also with a whole range of actors in the academic world, in order to create projects that have firm foundations at the theoretical level but can also find a perfect integration with reality and its difficulties. It is a place where society and the academic ecosystem meet in an agile, informal way with an important connection to territoriality.

The Impact HUb

With more than sixteen locations in as many as sixty countries, The Impact Hub is one of the largest networks on the ground. Having grown and expanded, today the Brand is not just a coworking space but a true ecosystem aimed at pursuing large-scale sustainable and inclusive innovation projects. So, if you work or have projects related to the arguments in question The Impact Hub is for you, you will have a way to interface with organizations, cultural and public institutions.

You will be immersed in a wonderful facility in the green and heart of Lugano, where you will find your oasis of peace. The association also organizes several networking activities where they can exchange ideas and relax.

These are our favorite coworking spaces, do you know any others?

Let us know below!


The Mad Innovation team