Project Description.

Italferro S.r.l. has been a leading supplier of steel reinforcement for concrete since 1984.

In 2009 they were one of the first companies in Italy to obtain accreditation with Central Technical Service of the Ministry of Public Works as a processing center.

Mad Innovation was given the task of restyling the website that would be more intuitive and in line with the needs of the target audience and target market.

Website Restyling

A Professional Website is the best Online Representative of the company and works 24/7.

The defined marketing strategy gave the basis for development of the new Corporate Web Site according to a User Centered Design approach, with the aim of creating agraphical interface that is modern, and true to the industry. The UX is designed to always be intuitive, fast and mobile responsive .

The new web portal has corporate sections that clearly and organizationally describe the services, history and values of the ‘ company .

The ultimate goal is not only to build an effective and functional tool for the company, but above all to make every user experience Italferro’s news and expertise and maximize business contacts.

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